A magical place

The Maeght Foundation in St. Paul de Vence displays one of the largest collections of 20th century art in Europe, in a series of interconnected structures and outdoor spaces built specifically for the works of artist-friends of Aime and Marguerite Maeght…Chagall, Miro, Giacometti, Leger, Calder, Braques. In fact, each artist contributed to the design of their space, while Catalan architect Joseph Luis Sert designed the complex.

The mosaic in one courtyard, above, is by Marc Chagall, while many sculptures seem to wander about the grounds, each one a singular masterpiece and yet all woven together by a landscape designed for them. I think the Miros are my favourites.

This one is called Personnage.
And so is this one.
And…so is this one.

Joan Miro was a Spanish sculptor, painter and ceramacist, whose Surrealistic work is described as childlike, a playground for the subconscious. I like him because he liked to defy convention.

Giacometti was one of the 20th century’s most important sculptors. His humans feel stark, starved, almost sad, and yet there’s a depth to each one, a richness, as if each person portrayed has been reduced to their bare, earthly, essential self.

There’s 5 Giacomettis here. The far ones almost disappear.
His dog was inside.
This is an Alexander Calder… la danseuse
This Braque mosaic is an outdoor pool.
Wayne loved the stained glass. This is one of only two Miro stained glass pieces in the world. In fact, the friendship between Miro and the Maeghts was so close it resulted in the Maeght Foundation owning the most important collection of Miro works ever assembled in a museum of modern art.
A very large Pierre Bonnard called L’Ete. Bonnard was part of the Post-Impressionist movement, and a leading figure in the transition to modernism.
Many other artists are at the Maeght, too. This is by an Italian artist, Valerio Adami. Sigmund Freud in viaggio verso Londra. (Sigmund Freud travelling to London)

There’s so much more I could share. But I will leave you with this Chagall. There’s just so much going on here, I could have stared at it for hours.

There’s definitely something about being in the presence of these pieces. You can really feel their energy. Of course, when works like these are presented in a setting designed specifically for them, specially when the artists themselves have overseen the design of their spaces, there can simply be no better experience of them.

Definitely the highlight of this trip for me.