Eleanor was Coming

I  wrote this Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt for David and Erin who were expecting Eleanor Mabel, our first granddaughter, in 2013.

Because Waiting Is Just SO DARN HARD!

 The time it has come, said the grandpa and nana, to hunt for some pretty wee things.

We just couldn’t wait , the secret’s too great!  So torture us and you’ll find we’ll ‘sing’

There’s 12 spots in all, please answer the call, you’ll find it might take you awhile!

So follow the clues, you’ve got nothing to lose, we can’t wait to see your big smiles!


#1         The first one’s so easy, you’ll figure it out,  just stop and turn yourselves ‘round

              They hide in a place,  an old one for sure, it’s where we turn on all the  sounds.


#2        The next lot you’ll find in a very safe place, look for cars that will point you the way

              It’s home to his dreams,  full of travel and schemes, and collecting things on rainy days.


#3        You’ll have to go up to a place where you land when it’s simply the time to just go

             We all end up up there, but we don’t go to sup there, it’s where we go after – you know.


#4        We talk of old things, of cabbages and kings, of Belgians who craft in fine wood

              Take care when you look, it’s near where we cook, we’d help you, you know, if we could.


#5        A boarded-up spot, small enough to hide out, sits behind a small row of things hung

            And there in the row, you will find, don’t you know,  pretty things she will surely find fun.


#6        You’re halfway to home, time for work to get done, these clothes they just don’t clean  themselves

             So where do you go when the basket is full?  Where the kids can’t reach all the shelves?


#7        And now it’s all done, and all folded up neat, find the place some gets all put away

            Ready to use when it’s time for a snooze, or to rub yourself dry every day.


#8        The chase, it goes on, are you two having fun? It’s time to go back down below

              Find a spot with a rod, near a door and a car, she’ll need these few things as she grows.


#9        Are you tall? Are you short? Which one of you fits in this spot where more pretty things hide

             There’s a light that Josh likes, drawers that roll left and right, boxes, bottles and things that collide.


#10      All our guests like to use this to put things away, it was old and now again new

              It was made by a man name of David, you know, of his things we have only a few.


#11       Your second-to-last stop is way up at the top, little things hanging next to some big ones

              Nearby all is pristine, (except Lightning McQueen!), and the Renoir glows bright in the east sun.


#12       One last place to look, also near where we cook, but its accent more French  than the other

              We all sing a gay tune, this wee girl will come soon,  it’s now time for some sisters, not brothers!