Me So Far

A work in progress

Always marching to the beat of my own drum, using this lifetime’s gifts to keep healing inside and out, being of service to others, growing my light.

Raised in Victoria, BC with 3 younger brothers. Married in 1980 to Wayne, raised our two kids in Port Moody, BC.  Now Wayne and I live in Victoria, BC  CANADA.

My passions

Writing, colour, music, stillness, the arts, dancing, creating events, learning new things, crystals, astrology, the intuitive arts, being Canadian.

Things I’ve Done

I have designed rooms, a chocolate store, chocolates,  clothes, events, marketing material;  written articles, books, journals, speeches; argued law, taught courses, led community organizations, built a business, managed a chocolate factory;  won awards for academics, interior design, sales, volunteering;  left every job or career – even the high-paid ones –  for new challenges.

If I had the power

I’d teach breathing mindfulness to all children and everyone, create centers where all healing professionals – not just medical doctors – worked together for the good of the patient, want women/female energy represented equally in all decision-making everywhere in the world, melt down all weapons everywhere and use the metal to create public art, make cannabis oil available for healing, ensure no one was ever homeless.

Biggest inspiration 

My grandmother always told me, ‘You have a quick mind.  You can do anything you put your mind to.’ And my dad, who overcame challenges and always accepted me as I am.

Biggest challenges 

My health, my relationship with my mother, making the time to do all the fun creative things I want to try.