Meant To Be

To Wayne, on our 32nd wedding anniversary   


 How do I start trying to tell you, just how much you mean to me?

The years fly by, 36 and more, who knew that we’d come to be

Successful, happy, proud, content, still making it up as we go

Our souls knew how it would play out, how everything would flow.


I saw you there that Sunday morn, in the dorm in Montreal

Tall and lean as you crossed thru the door, bushy beard, gold jacket and all.

I quickly hid back inside my room, not wanting to be seen

But the picture is clear in my mind as a bell, tho many years passed in-between.


We learned and we played and we plugged the juke box sharing breakfasts on Cote de Neige

With Barb from St. John’s and Emil from Trail, we studied and disco’d and then

We all left for home with no plans to meet up, but the universe knew more than us

Our paths crossed again, and again and again, and you seemed to know something was up.


Blissfully ignorant, with no plans to wed, I marched to my own little drum

Working away at my union career, doing so much that I loved.

Till one weekend in May back at home in my town, we danced and we talked and we hugged

And from then on, you’ve said, we met up in your head, the images refusing to budge.


Then one day you phoned and invited me to a fiftieth anniversary party

But I was booked up, a fiftieth too, for my grandparents Doris and Charlie.

So instead we agreed on a date for a date, dinner-dancing on February 15

You showed up right on time, flowers, music in hand, and the rest, as they say?…..History!


We hung out a lot, took a trip, bought a house, we’d really been friends since we met

So marrying was the next logical step, tho proposals were so hard to get!

The wedding was great, the big church then the party, with all of our family and friends

My feet hurt for days, but our dancing amazed and you haven’t stopped smiling since then.


We travelled, we worked, and got ready for kids.  Being pregnant was not my best thing

You were there every step, with patience and love, even buying me a new diamond ring!

David came a bit late, and you weren’t by my side, it was scary for me without you

He was perfect, still is, smart and wise like his dad, but just one child? Oh no, that won’t do.


Juliana came next, 10 days early to boot, and danced into all of our hearts.

Between soccer and music, dance and travels to Europe, each of us doing our part,

We four forged a bond to withstand all that came, based on love and mutual respect

It grows stronger still as our family expands, though we know not just what to expect!


And then we were 6, each one marrying well, choosing partners – we thought each one perfect

Family weddings were fun, then came houses for all, and now beautiful babies, we bet!

Josh talks a blue streak at only 2 years, even 4 month old Dylan lights our days

And the wee baby girl we’ll all welcome next year, already perfect in so many ways.


36 and ½ years it has been since we met, how the heck has it all gone so fast!

But there’s so many more filled with love and good times, let’s enjoy them before they have passed.

I still can’t believe years ago you picked me,   love like ours comes but rarely to call.

You are one in a million, no maybe a billion, with a heart full of love for us all.


I’ve told you before, once a day and then more, that I love you with all of my heart

You say it to me and we hug so tightly, there’s no way our life will fall apart.

But it’s in the small things every day of our lives your love shows through the longest and loudest

Our love and our life were all destined to be, as your wife and best friend, I’m the proudest!

Linda Baker, Nov. 2012