My Friend Pam

I call her my friend but we’re more than just that

She’d come if I called, at the drop of a hat

She listens and nods for me, I do the same

And all of our troubles float up and away

He left her so fast, though he never meant to

It’s been a long time, she’s somehow gotten through

It’s clear that he loved her, she loved him right back

They rescued each other from those who attack

The children they shared grew up bright, caring, strong

They’d had a foundation for which many long

His spirit still wraps itself round them with love

Their family expands, helped by love from above

Those kids are so lucky to call her their mother

Now partners, a grandchild, know her love’s like no other

She’s quiet and thoughtful, resilient and wise

She’s not always known this, it’s there in her eyes

But slowly this love they all share grows and grows

And finally she sees what the rest of us know

There is no one quite like her, it’s hard to pin down

The feeling you get knowing she is around

Always cheering you on, helping you see your worth

Through her words and her smiles and her hugs  – best on earth!

Many don’t see what we all know is there

But then, if they did, would we want to share

Her with all who might come to appreciate her

The way that we do? Hard to say, that’ s for sure.

We love our Pam dearly – mother, nana and friend

Thank heavens she’s with us for ever!  (The End)