Oh, if only…

Flea markets, secondhand stores, in France they’re ‘brocantes’…what is it about them that draws us in? The possibility of a bargain? A find? A good story? Wayne loves to look. I love to buy! The trouble with doing it in France is there’s no realistic way to get things home!

Well, almost no way. Our 2000 home exchange to Paris I brought back some small things – an old wooden scoop, some WW2 tin cups, a couple of creme brulee dishes I still use every day. And one trip, I found a scratched-up old yellow enamel jug with a lid that’s been perfect for flowers and, like the dishes, reminds me every day of our trips to France.

But now that we’re gardeners (well Wayne is, I just ‘consult’), we have all these lovely spots for interesting art in the garden. And really, anything can be ‘art’, particularly larger, well-worn things, interesting things, that sadly just don’t fit in my carry-on suitcase.

Isn’t she lovely? I’d bring her home in a flash to watch over my lilac bushes. I planted them because they remind me of the two lilac bushes my Nan Clarke had at the bottom of her front steps. And this lovely little goddess would be perfect next to them.
These look comfy. Wayne could put them in the backyard stone hut he’s planning to build in the yard.
I know I could find good spots for some of these.

I think it’s the energy of something that draws me to it. Then I start wondering whose it was, where it’s lived, what stories would emerge with a little psychometry.

Have these two shapely sirens always been friends? Whatever could they be chatting about? Do you think they’d fancy a new home in Canada?

Some things inspire me. This one got me thinking about redecorating, maybe adding something white and floaty to our bedroom. That could take the edge off a gray, rainy west coast day.

This also brought Renoir paintings to mind. I think it’s the straw hats, like those worn by the young girls in some of his pieces I’ve loved.
Maybe one of Renoir’s young subjects wore these sweet little boots as a toddler.
I’d love a house where this fireplace surround would feel at home. Oh, if only…

Maybe Wayne’s got it right after all. Just look. And wonder and dream and let the energy of it all inspire. I don’t need to own everything I find interesting or beautiful. Although it is fun to bring home the odd treasure and let its presence spread a little of France around back home.