One man’s castle

Chartres cathedral sits on a powerful energy ley line, part of its magic and perhaps why, as one shopkeeper told us, the town is so very peaceful.  Maybe it’s this magic that inspired Raymond Isidore’s Maison Picassiette out in the suburbs, or maybe he was, like many great artists, just a little obsessed.

1930 he began building, and eight years later started creating mosaics on his little house with bits of broken glass and crockery and porcelain he would find in the fields, in the trash.  When he ran out of walls in his house for his art, but the supply of broken bits was still plentiful, he created mosaics on the floors, the ceilings, the furniture, on garden walls and paths.

Cathedrals of France, the Chartres Rose Window, even building and adorning his very own throne…30 years later he stopped.  And two years later he died.  Rumour has it he couldn’t hold down many jobs, but clearly when inspired, one can create what you love for a very long time!

Thankfully Chartres classified it as a monument, and it is now open for tours.  Way to go, Raymond!

Courtyard entrance

Front of cottage

Part of the tiny kitchen

Raynond’s Chartres Rose Window

And this one.

A la prochaine!