Pam Who Loved Red

When I first met Pam she took care of my books, showing me how profit and loss really work.

Decorating came next, Pam the person revealed, we shared all our stories and a friendship was sealed.


Then one day she boldly went out on her own, planned a new life, it was clear she had grown.

We plotted and schemed, where to put all her stuff! What to keep, what to toss, how to live – it was rough!


What size sofa? What colour? Why –  red velvet?  Why not! A comfy black chair, her wine-sipping spot.

Inspiring photos of her beautiful daughters completed her space, now a proud new homeowner.


But the path’s never easy, it’s not meant to be for those with great courage to live and to see

That challenges open us up to ourselves, reminding us that all that matters is love.


Deep down Pam knew this, she lived life that way, leading causes, helping so many others each day.

Her friends loved her deeply and she loved them long, though Amanda and Jenna, always her heart’s purest song.


This life on her terms, she accomplished in spades. She coloured it red.   It will never fade.

The colour of life, so vibrant and rich, Pam lived with great passion, finding her niche.


I’m grateful I know Pam, she’ll always be near.  By opening my heart up I see and I hear

Her broad laughter, her wisdom, that beautiful smile, Pam’s rare gift of great joy in my life still awhile.


Pam is my friend, I know she’s still here, her smile, her big laugh  I so loved to hear.

Bodies are short-term, her spirit’s forever. Lessons complete.  Now – her next great adventure.

2014 February